To support the implementation of localisation, transformation and industrialisation programmes within the supplier communities of State Owned Companies and other strategic industry sectors.

Localisation and Industrialisation

  • Support existing local industries, develop new industries and create sustainable security of local supply
  • Create local and global competitiveness and benchmark tools for suppliers
  • Create a supplier database, enlist supplier skills, competiveness, innovation and accreditation
  • Partner with local and international Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) to efficiently support existing and new industrialists
  • Support and enable local suppliers to adopt global manufacturing best practice


  • Provide access to information, funding, markets and infrastructure to support emerging suppliers
  • Monitor, report and remove anti-competitive behaviors in SOCs such as fronting, collusion, and window-dressing

Stakeholder Management

  • Become a trusted adviser to the Minister of Public Enterprises and State Owned Companies
  • Consult and represent the interests of all ISDA members and categories