When was ISDA formed?

ISDA was formed in April 2014.

Is ISDA a government agency?

No. It is a Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) initiated industry Association.

Can ISDA advise government directly?

Yes. ISDA is an independent and trusted shareholder adviser.

Can ISDA give me a tender?

No. ISDA is not involved in tender awarding but advocates all supply chain activities to consider supplier development.

Can ISDA put me in touch with global manufacturers for subcontracting opportunities?

Yes. ISDA database consist of global and local manufacturers and aspiring manufacture.

Is ISDA an association for Black Owned Companies only?

No, ISDA is non-racial, apolitical and global association.

Can other people/individuals/experts be members of ISDA?

Any association, company, individual or professional is eligible to join ISDA but must abide by our constitution and code of conduct.

Is the development of entrepreneurship a priority of ISDA?

Absolutely. It is the best way to grow the economy.

Is the environment important to ISDA?

ISDA supports a green economy and believes in a sustainable balance between economic, social and environmental concerns.

Is globalisation an important consideration for ISDA?

Yes. By promoting local entrepreneurship in SME and SMME as well as infrastructure build and development, we can help improve our economic growth and become globally competitive. DFI (Development Funding Industries) are essential for enterprise development and for our developmental growth.

What is ISDA’s policy towards BWO, the youth and disabled?

We fully support the promotion of BWO, the youth and disabled as part of our developmental growth especially in terms of entrepreneurship.